What’s More For Numbers 1-5, Calculate The Distance That You Would Travel If You Drove…

What’s More
For numbers 1-5, calculate the distance that you would travel if you drove for:

1. 2 hrs. at 30 km/h
2. 7 hrs at 65 km/h
3. 12 hrs at 46 km/h
4. 45 minutes at 80 km/h
5. 12 hours at 55 km/h

For numbers 6-10, how long does it take to travel:

6. 100 kilometers at 20 km/h?
7. 180 kilometers at 45 km/h?
8. 250 kilometers at 75 km/h?
9. 280 kilometers at 60 km/h?
10.320 kilometers at 85 km/h?
11. A car travels 200 kilometers in 8 hours. Calculate the average speed of the car in:
a. Kilometers per hour
b. Kilometers per minute

Please answer this i need eh​


1.60 km

2.455 km

3.552 km

wait lang

A car takes 7 hours to cover a certain distance at the speed of 48 km/h

A car takes 7 hours to cover a certain distance at the speed of 48 km/h. Cns: why reduce speed limit to 30 km/h? “answer is blowin’ in the wind”. Three hours, 55 minutes, 45 seconds to hang two of these

Moelltaler -15 Celsius, 55 km/h wind and gusts up to 65 and no way to

Solved table q3 shows spot speed data based on a sample of. Solved one car is going 60 km/h, another 120 km/h. both have. 35 1/2 hours later

HOW TO CONVERT M/S TO KM/HR (meters per sec to kilometers per hour

km per hour kilometers convert meters hr sec

A car travels first 30 km with a uniform speed of 60 kmh^-1 and then. Change units meters per second to km per hour 1m/s=3.6km/h. Working more than 55 hours a week increases risk of death, who, ilo say

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