What I Know (Pretest) Directions: Choose The Letter Of The Best A…

What I know (Pretest)
Directions: Choose the Letter of the best answer Write it in your Science Notebook
1. An electric current flows in
A an insulator
C. a broken circuit
B. a conductor
D. any circuit
2. A group of pupils are gathering materials to build their electric circuit which
material will allow the electricity t flow between the battery and the buzzer?
A copper wire
B. rubber tube
C. cotton spring
D. wooden rod
3. Which uses electricity to move?
A. electric fan
B. electric stove
C. light bulb
D light switch
4. Which of the following is NOT a part of a simple electric circuit?
A source of electricity
B. conducting wire
C. electromagnet
D. an electric device
5. What do you call a closed, continuous path through which electrons flow?
A resistor
B. circuit
C. charge
D. cell
6. Which of the following serves as the Source of energy in a circuit?
A bulb
B. switch
C. Wire
D. battery
7. In a circuit diagram, what does a circle with a cross inside represent?
B. a battery
C.a motor
A a light bulb
D. a wre
8. What do the long straight lines represent in a circuit diagram?
A motors
B. wires
C. light bulbs D. switches
9. How is a battery represented in a circuit diagram?
A a circle with a cross inside it
B. a long line and a short line
C. a circle with an Minside it
D. a circle with a cross inside
10. A simple circuit has long coiled wire, 1.5 volts and a bulb. Why does the bulb
get dimmer?
A. because the power supply is not enough to light the bulb brighter
B. because the load is too many
C. because the wire is too long
D. because the wire is too short
11. Imagine a simple circuit with one 1.5 volts battery and a bulb. When the 1.5
volts battery is replaced with a 3 volts battery, what will happen?
A The bulb gets brighter.
B. The bulb gets dimmer.
C. The bulb stays at the same level of brightness
D. Nothing has changed

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i will follow you if answer my question’s and heart all your answer promise..

science po ito hindi English


  1. d
  2. a
  3. d
  4. c
  5. b
  6. d


hope it helps d ko na po Alam hang iba