II. Read The Following Situations, Then Choose The Letter Of The Best Answer….

II. Read the following situations, then choose the letter of the best answer. Write your answers on another sheet of paper.

6. You are going to have a lecture on innovations in computer technology. You would like to distribute to your audience some copies of information about the topic for their guidance. What material is best to use to accompany your lecture?
A. clip arts B. handouts D. video clips C. maps

7. You would like to show your audience the actual process of rice production. Which one is the most appropriate?
A. audio clips C. handouts B. clip arts
D. video clips

8. You are planning to introduce to your classmates the famous president in the whole world and their speeches. What material are you going to use?
A. audio clips C. digital posters B. diagrams D. music

9. You would like to show your classmates the concept of branding strategies. Which material below can best represent its structure?
A. clip art C. flyers B. diagram D. photo 14​


b d b c yan po ang sagot


sanamakatolong po

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