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3. What statement best describes about friendship in two
What I Can Do
Activity 6: Best Friends for Life
Directions: Here are two short animated filins about friendship. Go
to the given website address to access the said film. Then, answer
the questions that follow.
A Joy Story: Joy & Lucky Carp
Frozen: Olaf & Sven
hips://wiw kolWho conhuangha=iWLWAUMG4
1. Which of the two films has colder weather?
a. Frozen.
b. A Joy Story
c. Both of them
d. None of them
2. TVhich of the two films is inore humorous?
a. Freza
b. A Joy Story
c. Both of them
d. None of them​

1. A
2. B
umm this is the answers in my opinion
hope this helps

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