Column Writing About Adobo Being Beter Than Sinigang ​

Column writing about adobo being beter than sinigang


Nothing feels better than arriving home to wonderful cuisine presented on the dining table, especially when it’s adobo or sinigang.

Adobo and sinigang are both straightforward recipes, yet they never fail to provide a wide variety of flavors and pleasant recollections. Which is superior now becomes a topic of discussion? Sinigang or adobo?

A house bill was introduced in 2014 to declare adobo the nation’s dish. The National Symbols Act, also known as House Bill No. 3926, designated adobo as a national emblem.

To make adobo, which is Spanish for “vinegar-braised,” uniformly cut pieces of beef are first fried in oil or meat fat. Following that, liquids like soy sauce and vinegar are added to the mixture. After that, the mixture is allowed to simmer over low heat.The adobo recipe varies depending on the locale. The cook may decide whether to add pork, beef, chicken, or even seafood because it is simple to create.

Sinigang, meanwhile, also provides diversity. Like the song “Bahay Kubo,” sinigang is composed of fruits and vegetables. Typically, the meal consists of beef, garlic, tomato, onion, and the sourness-adding seasoning of your choosing. Making it relies on the seasonality of the veggies, your money, and even your dietary preferences. Sinigang is a universal meal.

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