Amelia Was Given By Her Mother Php 320 To Buy Some Food Ingredients For "c…

Amelia was given by her mother Php 320 to buy some food ingredients for “chicken adobo”. She made sure that it is good for 5 people.

So my answer is P64. If Amelia divided it for 5 person the answer is 64. If you don’t beleive me, Try this.

÷ 5

Filipino Chicken Adobo - Riverten Kitchen

adobo filipino

Adobo kakanin ng ibang ibat pinoy formula. Recipe: adobo versions. Adobo filipino

10 irresistible adobo dishes that probably won’t make it to DTI’s list


Adobo filipino filipina tasting makanan finest tastingtable rezepte. Adobo escapes. This is the secret formula to the perfect adobo recipe

How To Cook The Best Pork Adobo With Boiled Egg | Eat Like Pinoy

adobo pork egg boiled eggs rice cook

Crock pot or stove top filipino chicken adobo – just like how my mother. Adobo pinoy. Why adobo? #myfavoritefood

PHILIPPINES: “Who Makes the Best Adobo?” (Recipe) | Will Fly for Food

adobo recipe philippines food dish makes who filipino types different

Why not try adobo?. Filipino chicken adobo with potatoes. Chicken adobo

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