A Reflection Of Your Whole Journey As A Cookery Student In This Pandemic. ​

a reflection of your whole journey as a cookery student in this pandemic.



The coronavirus affected me because now having to do school virtually is kinda hard because I don’t have much of a good wi-fi, and its nerve-racking to know about what we’re gonna do about the tests we have to take in order to pass because I do care about graduating, and going to next grade in order to keep going to finally graduate school and get my diploma I just hope this virus doesn’t affect anything else besides school. Although we do have online school now, it is not the same. Working from home is worse as I don’t care to admit, my work habits from home are not the best. I am easily able to procrastinate at home and having class in bed is not the best idea. Plus, I can no longer get the one on one help teachers provide if needed. But in that sense, it also feels a lot calmer not being around people constantly, having anxiety and autism. The people in classrooms are insane. It didn’t affect my life negatively by much, but it really makes me think. If the school system were like this in the near future, I think it would be much more sustainable, in many ways.


Cooking was a lot of fun and I personally learned a lot. We learned skills to use in the kitchen. Everyone enjoyed different parts of each paraphernalia. I think everyone tried at least one new food. Cooking class is something everyone should do.Cooking class has really helped me to realize that cooking and eating healthy are two really great things that you can do for your body. It has also helped me realize that eating healthy isn’t bad at all. If you cook the right dish and you cook it well it can be a very delicious meal. Me and all of the other people that came and helped were really nice and make the whole experience much more fun.Overall, cooking class was a really great experience that I’m glad I had the chance to take part in.

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