A Bakery's Sells A Cake For P250.00 The Labor Costs P32.50 Per Cake Fl…

a bakery’s sells a cake for P250.00 the labor costs P32.50 per cake flour costs P31.85 other costs add up to P92.10 what is the bakery’s profit of each cake?


1. The asked is, what is the Bakery’s profit of each cake.

2. Given facts: P32.50, P31.85, P92.10 and P250.00

3. The operation to be used is addition and subtraction

4. N= P250.00-(P32.50+31.85-92.10)

5. 32.50+31.45+92.10=156.45

250.00-156.45 =93.55


1) The bakery’s profit

2) Given : P250.00




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