A Bakery Sells A Cake For 250.00 Peso The Labor Costs 32.50 Peso…

A bakery sells a cake for 250.00 peso the labor costs 32.50 peso per cake. Flour costs 31.85 peso other costs add up to 92.10 peso. What is the bakery’s profit on each cake?

The bakery’s profit on each cake is 93.55 pesos.

Step-by-step explanation:

Money Word Problem

The problem is asking for the profit of the bakery on each cake. Profit refers to financial gain. It deals with the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent on buying something. There are two steps to find the answer.

  1. Find the total amount spent on each cake by adding the labor cost, flour cost and other costs.
  2. Subtract the total amount spent on each cake from the cost of each cake.


labor cost – 32.50 pesos

flour cost – 31.85 pesos

other costs – 92.10 pesos

cost of each cake – 250.00 pesos


Step 1: Add

32.50 pesos + 31.85 pesos + 92.10 pesos = 156.45 pesos

Step 2: Subtract

250.00 pesos – 156.45 pesos = 93.55 pesos

Final Answer:

93.55 pesos

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