47. Separating Coconut Milk From Grated Coconut Using A Fine Wire Scr…

47. Separating coconut milk from grated coconut using a fine wire screen is
A filtration
C. magnetism
B. straining
D. winnowing
48. How will you separate a mixture of black pepper and salt?
A. Add water to collect the pepper
B. Pick out the pepper from salt by hand
C. Add water, filter out the pepper, and boil off the water to get salt
D. Add water; filter out the salt, boil off the water to get the pepper.
49. What will you do to support the clean and green program in your community?
A. Participate in activities such as cleaning of mixtures of waste materials from
esteros and canal.
B. Report to the barangay officials those people who do not segregate the
mixtures of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes.
C. Support the environmental programs of your barangay.
D. All of the above
50. Jhon collects a mixtures used straws and bottle caps from the canteen’s
garbage bags every morning. What could possibly be Thor’s plan with
his collections?
A. He will make a colorful hat/bag from the used straws for his grandmother.
B. He will throw the straws somewhere in school.
C. He just want to fill their house with used straws.
D. He does not like to see straws in the garbage bags.​


1. B

2. C

3. D

4. A

goodluck to your exam!!


47. B

48. C

49. A.



Hope it’s help

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